About Cyprus

Cyprus, the island of Beauty and Love, is the third largest and most well-known island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Characterized by many as 'cosmopolitan', the island of Aphrodite is a famous “bridge” that holds a critical geographical position between three continents An already established member of the Eurozone, the island is a major tourist attraction in the Mediterranean and has a wide variety of options to offer to different people of diverse backgrounds and interests. Whether being local or foreign, travelers should know some key facts about the island. Learn here, important information about the History of Cyprus, the People of Cyprus, the Fauna and Flora and the lovely Cuisine and Products of the island. Get useful information about the Weather as well as the Currency used in Cyprus.

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About UCLan Cyprus

The University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus), is located in Pyla, Larnaka. Now, in its fifth year of operation, the University is well established with an excellent team of academic and professional staff, and an ever growing family of undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.

Completion of studies at UCLan Cyprus results in a Double Degree (two certificates) from the two Universities, UCLan Cyprus and UCLan UK, recognised not only in Cyprus but across Europe and beyond.

Bringing to Cyprus a world-class reputation for academic excellence and innovative thinking, the university aims to develop future leaders and international entrepreneurs, with the skills and business acumen for success in the modern global economy.

All its programmes of study are evaluated and recognised by the Ministry of Education & Culture in Cyprus and in addition, they meet the high quality standards required by the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). Many of its courses are accredited by professional and statutory bodies, ensuring students meet the standards expected of today’s businesses.

As well as benefiting from the highest British and Cypriot academic standards, students have the advantage of a superlative student experience in every aspect of their university life, whether it’s learning, personal support, facilities and accommodation, employability or enjoyment and fun.

The university's commitment to this ethos is at the heart of everything it does.